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Telecommunication Engineering: 
Wireless and RF 

Our Vision

RHW Telecommunications  Ltd (RHW) is a telecommunications engineering company which specialises in the design of communication systems for private networks, particularly utilities e.g. water, electricity, and government departments. 


At RHW we work with the client to get the optimum solution to meet their needs.  We do this by listening and understanding the client’s business requirements and translating them into a communication system design.  We work independently from equipment suppliers and installers which gives the objectivity and flexibility needed for good design. 


Areas of Design

Full spectrum System Planning and Design – HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave, Satellite 

  • Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, and Mobile radio design including evaluating and recommending equipment for radio links and location of radio sites.

  • Auditing of existing radio sites including  checking suitability of existing infrastructure both indoor and outdoor for new or upgraded systems. 

  • Assessment of interference and recommending suitable frequency bands and channels including engineering of radio licences meet Radio Spectrum Management requirements.

  • Interference investigations and troubleshooting of existing links.

  • Radio training courses for technicians and engineers.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation compliance statements for resource consent.

  • Subcontracting of structural work for antenna mount design.

  • Assessment of Wind Turbines/Farms on radio communication

SCADA Communications

  • Planning and design of SCADA communications networks

  • Design of radio, fibre, and copper connected SCADA networks

  • Engaging SCADA network electrical and software design consultants for complete SCADA solutions

Ethernet, SDH and PDH Transmission Radio and Fibre Optic Networks

  • Design of PDH, SDH, and Ethernet radio and optical fibre transmission systems including multiplexing.

  • Design of Short haul and long haul fibre optic transmission system.

  • Fibre optic cabling management systems and OFDF.

areas of design
Our Engineers

DC Power Systems

Design of dc power systems for communications equipment including:

  • Calculation for reserve time, battery selection and rectifier capacity

  • Dual redundant dc power system design

Graham Hulston - Director

Prior to forming RHW Telecommunications was a director of Rodgers Hulston & White for 10 years.

Graham worked for Kordia (previously BCL) for 30yrs; initially as a field technician (7yrs) and then as a communications engineer (23yrs).

Graham holds a Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and a Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering along with a NZ Certificate of Engineering (Telecoms). He is a member of the Engineering NZ (previously IPENZ) and IEEE, and an Accredited Radio Engineer (ARE).  He also holds a Radio Technicians Certificate and is a registered Electrical Service Technician.

Graham has many peers in the industry to draw upon for support, assistance and ideas.

RHW takes pride in its grounding in both the practical and theoretical aspects of communication network design gained through many years of experience in the industry.

Our Engineers

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